Chunking bristle short round

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Rosemary chunking pensler er lagd av grisebust. Passer til olje og akrylmaling. kort skaft.

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Chungking Bristles (Bristles from hogs raised in the region of the Chinese city of Chungking) considered to be the best for oil painting, having long, deep flags. Theoretically the longer the flags the better the bristle. Used mainly for oil, acrylic and hobby ceramics. Interlocked ‘curved’ heads allow retention of shape. These superior quality bristles are less likely to ‘splay’ or spread in use.

The Series 2095 are a shorter round which allows for more precise strokes. Packed tightly in the ferrule, the belly of the brush is shorter and thus, so is the point, giving extra strength and argulably, more precision.

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